Yamaha YM2220
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The Yamaha YM2220 VDP



The Yamaha YM2220 is a Video Display Processor (VDP) compatible with the Texas Instruments TMS9918, used in some MSX1 computers manufactured by Yamaha. It is clocked at 10.7 MHz.

Since it comes in a 64 pin SDIP package, it is not pin-compatible with the TMS9918.

Although it's a MSX1 VDP, the color palette looks very similar to the MSX2 default color palette.


  • Package: 64 pin Shrink DIP (SDIP)

MSX1 computers with the YM2220

YM2220 Pinout

Side-by-side Sega 315-5066 and Yamaha YM2220 pin out information:

Yamaha YM2220 - Pinout
Yamaha YM2220 - Pinout