Yamaha CR-01
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The CR-01 is a card reader released by Yamaha. It must be used with one of these cartridges:

The card reader needs to be connected to the cartridge, it can read data stored on a magnetic stripe along the edge of a large (a little smaller than A4-sized) card.

This card system was used by Yamaha to store music and graphic data. Two sets were available:

  • ZGA-01 - Graphic Card Set = CR-01 + UGA-02 - Official price: ¥19,800
  • ZPA-01 - Play Card Set = CR-01 + UPA-01 - Official price: ¥12,800


Yamaha Play Cards
Yamaha CR-01 with Graphic Card
Yamaha CR-01
Yamaha CR-01
Yamaha CR-01 box and manual

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