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Viditel was a Dutch information service, similar to teletext, that was accessed by subscribers via a computer modem over telephone lines. It was available between August 1980 and September 1989, then was then replaced by the Videotex system, until 1997.

The Viditel system displayed many pages of text data, each page containing 24 lines of 40 characters. Viditel provided information supplied by the government on the economy, legislation, etc., as well as product and service information supplied by companies and individuals.

The download speed was 1200 baud and the upload speed 75 baud. Pages could be selected, several characters could be used, including * and #. Six colors plus white and black were possible, the result was very similar to teletext.

MSX Hardware

  • DCS Teltron 1200 modem
  • Micro Technology MT-Telcom modem
  • Micro Technology MT-Telcom II modem

All these modems were provided with a built-in firmware.

MSX Software

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