Toshiba T9769
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Toshiba T9769C



The Toshiba T9769 is a chipset called MSX-ENGINE with the following features:

  • Main CPU: Toshiba TMP84C00A Zilog Z80 (clone) with a clock speed of 3,58 MHz (MSX2; switchable to 5.36 MHz on Panasonic MSX2+ machines)
  • Programable Sound Generator: Toshiba T7766A (AY-3-8910 compatible)
  • PPI chip: Toshiba TMP82C55A (Intel i8255 clone)
  • MSX1 and MSX2 functions (MSX2 computers)
  • MSX2+ functions (MSX2+ computers)
  • dimensions: 31.45 × 31.45 x 4.1 mm (QFP144 package)


Toshiba T9769A Pinout

T9769 revisions

This chip exists in four versions (T9769 and 3 revisions, labelled A, B and C), plus a prequel (T9763). As it is built, the table below has the advantage to clearly display the evolution in the using of the different chips.

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE ASSUMING WRONG IDEAS ABOUT THE MSX2+ COMPUTERS: There have been several releases of the Panasonic and Sanyo MSX2+ computers and the chip used is not always the same, that's why 2 chips are indicated in the table below for these machines.

T9763 T9769 T9769A T9769B T9769C
MSX2 Panasonic FS-A1FM - x - - -
Sakhr AX-370 - - - x -
Sanyo PHC-55FD2 x - - - -
MSX2+ Panasonic FS-A1FX - - x OR x -
Panasonic FS-A1WSX - - - x OR x
Panasonic FS-A1WX - - x OR x -
Sanyo PHC-35J - - x OR x -
Sanyo PHC-70FD - - x OR x -
Sanyo PHC-70FD2 - - x OR x -
MSX Turbo R Aucnet NIA-2001 - - - - x
Panasonic FS-A1GT - - - - x
Panasonic FS-A1ST - - - - x

Differences between revisions

The differences between all the versions of the T9769 chip are not yet known, they could be related to problems with the TC8566AF disk drive controller and its evolution in Turbo R where the disk rom is 'merged' with the MSX-DOS2 rom. One difference is that the VDP I/O delay is different for these versions. For the C revision it is 1 cycle and for the others it is 2 cycles. See and

On the Sanyo PHC-55FD2, the disk drive controller is not a TC8566AF from Toshiba, but a Western Digital 2793 (TMS2793NL). There are probably differences between the T9763 chip and its sequels.

Upgrade to 512kB RAM

An easy way to upgrade any computer using the T9769 chip to 512kB RAM is:

  • pull pins 51 and 52, connect to VCC (5V)
  • Pull pin 50, mark as /CAS2
  • Pull pin 47, mark as A8

Use 4x44256 chips and connect to the bus

More info: Tabajara Labs