Toshiba HX-S501
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The Toshiba HX-S501 is a Japanese Word Processor (Kanji-Kun v.2.0) cartridge released in 1984. Toshiba was the first company to release such software. Extra characters, words and short sentences can be saved.

Original title: 日本語ワードプロセッサ 漢字君

Launch price: ¥12,800


From BASIC, the software can be launched with CALL JWP or _ JWP. However, you need to have the HX-M200 Kanji-ROM Level 1 in another cartridge slot.

It is possible to use other internal or external Kanji Roms, but if you use the Sony HBI-K16 Kanji-ROM Level 1, CALL JWP leads to a I/O device error. To bypass this problem, an addendum to the manual of the Sony cartridge gives the solution:

10 FOR I = &H9080 TO &H9120 : POKE i, &HC9 : NEXT I

The main menu includes 6 options:

  • Japanese Word Processor - if you press twice on ESC, you can access many WP features
  • Conversion Tools
  • Load and Save
  • Printer Settings and Print
  • Full Book Deletion
  • Tools for Idioms and Short Sentences

CTRL+STOP can be used to go back to the previous menu or the main menu, except if you are in the first option. You need to reboot to quit the Japanese Word Processor.


  • The same version 2.0 of this software is built-in in the following MSX1 computers:



Toshiba HX-S501 manual
Toshiba HX-S501 box
Toshiba HX-S501 cartridge


Toshiba JWP 2.0 - Intro screen
Toshiba JWP 2. 0 - Menu
Toshiba Japanese Word Processor
Toshiba JWP - Screen after ESC key
Toshiba JWP - Conversion Tools
Toshiba JWP - Load and Save
Toshiba JWP - Printer settings
Toshiba JWP - Full Book Deletion
Toshiba JWP - Idioms + Short Sentences