Toshiba HX-R701
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The Toshiba HX-R701 is a kit to add an RS-232C interface inside the following computers:

This interface is the equivalent of the HX-R700 RS-232C interface in cartridge.

The mentioned computers have a location for this interface while the RS-232C BASIC and RS-232C BIOS 1.0 are included in the firmware. This is not the case for localized versions.

The RS-232C connector is a DB-25.

Note: Similar kits exist for the HX-33 and HX-34 computers, see respectively HX-R702 and HX-R703.

Brand Toshiba
Model HX-R701
Year 1984
Region Japan
Launch price ¥18,800
Package content One RS-232C connector and specific other one to soldering on the power supply board, one RS-232C interface board with cables, one switch, user's manual
Emulation Not yet emulated


Toshiba HX-R701