Toshiba HX-20E
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The Toshiba HX-20E is the adaptation for Spain of the HX-20 - see HX-20 series for the technical details. Although the keyboard is international (no ñ key, just accent key), the manuals are in Spanish (only) and all info about these machines point to Spain, so it seems to have been sold only there.

The PSG sound is mono instead of stereo.

An RS-232C interface as like that of the HX-20 still can be added if you replace the IC3 ROM by the one from the HX-22CH, HX-22GB or HX-22I.

Note: The computer cardboard box is a generic HX-20 "universal" one. One side of the box shows the Toshiba HX-20 computer and the other side shows the pic of a Toshiba HX-22.


A integrated firmware menu is launched when you start the computer, but you can skip it if you press ESC key while booting.

This firmware includes the additional BASIC instructions for Memory Disk.

Compared to the HX-20:

  • the RS-232C features have been removed
  • the extra MSX-BASIC instructions for the printer are not implemented
  • the Japanese Word Processor has been replaced by an English Word Processor



Toshiba HX-20E
Toshiba HX-20E back
Toshiba HX-20E left side
Toshiba HX-20E right side
Toshiba HX-20E PCB
Toshiba HX-20E box
(with picture of HX-22)


Toshiba Intro screen
Toshiba Main menu
Toshiba EWP
Variables Sub-Menu
Screen Variables
Printing Variables