Toshiba FS-AA52
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The Toshiba FS-AA52 is an external power supply (PSU), that was supplied with the Italian Toshiba FS-TM1 MSX computer.

Since the FS-TM1 is based on the Panasonic FS-A1, the power supply is also almost identical. The only difference between the FS-AA52 and the Panasonic FS-AA51 is the input voltage.

If the power supply is missing, it can be difficult to source a replacement, as it not only uses an unusual connector, but it also supplies two different voltages of which one is AC and the other DC.


Toshiba FS-AA52


The connector is sometimes referred to as Mini-IEC.

The same connector was also used on the Neo Geo CD and on some old HP power supplies like the HP SDD018-1000. Do note however that the output voltages are NOT compatible.

  • Input: AC 220V ~ 50Hz 23VA
  • Output:
    • DC9V ⎓ 1.2A
    • AC18V ~ 170mA

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