Tecnobytes AudioWave
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The AudioWave is a MSX-AUDIO-compatible sound cartridge manufactured by Tecnobytes. Compared to the original Panasonic FS-CA1, this version have the size reduced, and eight times more sample RAM. The 2x RCA connectors are replaced with a jack socket.

It can also boot the FS-CA1 software that the upgraded Philips NMS 1205 cannot.

Cartridge contacts are tinned.


AudioWave PCB


The Tecnobytes AudioWave is an extended MSX-AUDIO cartridge, compatible with all MSX standard machines:

  • Yamaha Y8950 soundchip with 9 channels of FM synthesis
  • 4-bit ADPCM channel, with max 16Khz resolution
  • 256kB Sample RAM
  • MSX-AUDIO BASIC/BIOS and FS-CA1 musical keyboard software in ROM
  • 32kB Work-RAM (for the MSX-AUDIO BIOS)
  • 512kB FLASHROM, allowing BIOS upgrade

See MSX-AUDIO page for more specifications.