SuperSoniqs Modulon
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The SuperSoniqs Modulon is a slot expander made and sold by SuperSoniqs. It expands one primary slot to four secondary slots.


SuperSoniqs Modulon - overview
SuperSoniqs Modulon PCB
SuperSoniqs Modulon - back
SuperSoniqs Modulon - left side
Modulon - slotconnector
SuperSoniqs Modulon - right side


  • It works with the PlaySoniq cartridge (Up to 4 MB memory, all other functions supported*)
  • Has it own 3.58 MHz crystal (clock) to support (audio) cartridges in overclocked systems
  • Can be stacked with additional Modulons for extra slots. The second expander (and up) will configure itself into a I/O expander.
  • Comes with a 3D printed cartridge enclosure
  • Supports an external AC Adapter (5V)
  • Uses standard components for future modifications or repairs
  • The three top slots are on/off switchable
  • Compact design
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Busdir support
  • Modulon has separate volume adjusters for all four slots

[*] if you want to use ROMLOAD with Playsoniq inserted in Modulon, you first have to execute PSQSET /ML1 /S and reset your computer. This setting is kept until computer is turned off (reset protected). PSQSET can be found over here

Known issues

  • Right now Modulon can only be used with backside cartridgeslots (for example with Philips NMS 8245 / Panasonic MSX Turbo R) or side cartridgeslots (Philips NMS 8250/NMS 8255/NMS 8280).
Modulon - upright use