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Available devices for data storage.

Please if you add a page for a storage device that is in following list remove it from list.


Missing ATA/IDE/PATA Interfaces

  • GIDE
  • Tecnobytes ATA-IDE
  • Tecnobytes IDE-Mapper

Missing Flash Card Interfaces

  • Sinfox MMC/SD Card

Missing Floppy Disk Drive Interfaces in wiki

  • CIEL FAST FDD interface
  • DMX Interface para drive
  • Hitachi MPF-310CH (drive) + MPC-310CH (interface)
  • Microsol CDX-1
  • MSXFDD-S31
  • Sanyo MFD-001
  • Sanyo MFD-25
  • Sanyo MFD-35

Missing Megaram Cartridges in Wiki

  • CIEL MegaRAM 128k
  • CIEL MegaRAM 256k
  • CIEL MegaRAM 512k
  • CIEL MegaRAM 2MB
  • Zemina Black Box
  • Zemina Deluxe IV
  • Zemina Golden Box

Missing SCSI Interfaces in Wiki

  • ASCII SCSI Interface
  • B.E.R.T.
  • ESE WaveSCSI
  • HSH SCSI Interface
  • MAK/Green/Sparrowsoft SCSI interface