Spectravideo SVI-709
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The Spectravideo SVI-709 is a LAN interface manufactured in 1985.

The transfer rate is up to 10M bits per second. Connectors are 10BASE-T.

This cartridge transforms your computer into a station in the SVI-609 Local Area Network. Maximum 32 stations can have access to the mass-storage and rapid printing resources of the SVI-609 Master Station.

Each slave station can make use of a portion of the SVI-609's 10M-bytes hard disk for its own file storage, and all stations can share a common storage area, printer spooler and software library.


Spectravideo SVI-709
Spectravideo SVI-709 PCB
SVI-709 PCB (underside)
Spectravideo SVI-709 back
Spectravideo SVI-709 connectors

Articles in the press

  • Radio Amateur Magazine 55 page 36 (review in Duch)