Spectravideo SVI-709
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The Spectravideo SVI-709 is a LAN interface manufactured in 1985. The official name is "Network Interface Card". It can be used with any MSX1 having at least 64kB RAM.

The transfer rate is up to 10M bits per second. Connectors type are two modular connectors 6P6C with 4 wire used.

This cartridge transforms your computer into a station in the SVI-609 Local Area Network. Maximum 32 stations can have access to the mass-storage and rapid printing resources of the SVI-609 Master Station.

Each slave station can make use of a portion of the SVI-609's 10MB Seagate ST-212 SASI MM hard disk (WD1002-SHD) for its own file storage, and all stations can share a common storage area, printer spooler and software library.

The interface contains a ROM with the SVI BOND-NET communication software. After booting, you can press N to request log in or B to go to MSX-BASIC. In the first case, you need to enter a password to access the network. After 3 wrong passwords or when the Master Station does not answer, you go automatically to MSX-BASIC.

Note: There is also a model for SVI-328 computers under SVI-809 reference. It is possible to combine MSX computers with SVI-328 machines in this network.


Spectravideo SVI-709
Spectravideo SVI-709 PCB
SVI-709 PCB (underside)
Spectravideo SVI-709 back
Spectravideo SVI-709 connectors

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