Spectravideo SVI-606
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The Spectravideo SVI-606 MSX Game Adapter was released in 1984. It allows the non-MSX compatible SVI-318 and SVI-328 computers to run MSX software from cartridge or tape with some restrictions.

You need to insert the 50-pin connector into the expansion slot of the SVI-3x8 computer.

There are two versions of this adapter:

  • one with a MSX keyboard on top of the adapter, but the function keys that may be needed for some software are missing
  • one without MSX keyboard

Restrictions include:

  • MSX software cannot be larger then 16kB
  • Only software that uses BIOS calls (no direct hardware access)
  • No function keys on the MSX keyboard (when this keyboard is present)
  • Adapter cannot be used for other MSX peripherals like disk drives
  • The keyboard, data recorder and joystick ports of the SVI-318 or 328 cannot be used when using the Game Adapter


Spectravideo SVI-606
Spectravideo SVI-606 keyboard
Spectravideo SVI-606 label
Spectravideo SVI-606 lower PCB with MSX components
Spectravideo SVI-606 inside
Spectravideo SVI-606 upper PCBs
Spectravideo SVI-606 with SVI-328
Spectravideo SVI-606 with manual
Spectravideo SVI-606 box


The adapter has inside the PPI 8255, the PSG AY8910 and 16kB DRAM, what corresponds to a minimum for the MSX standard.