Spectravideo SVI-107
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The Spectravideo SVI-107 is a joycard released in Europe and North America. The product name is "Quickshot VII".

It is compatible with several systems, including the SVI-318/328 computers. However, it is not compatible with the MSX computers, for which you need the SVI-107M model.

The fire buttons are controlled with the thumb or the index finger of the other hand. They are equipped with autofire which cannot be switched off. Two red LEDs flash with the pulse of the autofire when keeping either fire button pressed.

The PCB uses four metal prongs for the directional pad contacts and two dome switches (as used in the QuickShot I and II) for the fire buttons.

Brand Spectravideo
Model SVI-107
Year 1985
Region Europe, North America
Launch price
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Spectravideo SVI-107 package
Spectravideo SVI-107
Spectravideo SVI-107 label