Spectravideo SVI-101M
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The Spectravideo SVI-101M is a joystick released in Europe. The product name is "Quickshot I". It is the MSX version of the regular Quickshot I. The MSX version is in white to match the color of the MSX Spectravideo systems, unlike the more common non-MSX compatible Quickshot I which is black.

It was also available in Japan as the ASCII CPO-88.


The SVI-101M Joystick is compatible with MSX systems and features two trigger buttons.

In the SVI-101M all input is wired to short to pin9 (GND) instead of pin8 (OUT). This is quite common way to make MSX joysticks, even though it's not technically correct way according to the official specification.

Note: There is another model of the Quickshot I joystick, which is far more common then the MSX one:

  • SVI-101 Quickshot I (in black) is for Amstrad, Atari, Sears, Commodore and SVI-3x8

This model is NOT compatible with the MSX, and is the model you will typically find on auction sites. Even if the seller states MSX compatibility be doubtful.


Spectravideo SVI-101M box
Spectravideo SVI-101M
Spectravideo SVI-101M box (back)