Spectravideo SV-904
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The Spectravideo SV-904 (renamed SVI-904 in 1984) is a data recorder that can be used with the SVI-318/328 computers. The average data transfer is 1800 bits per second.

The power supply is provided by the computer with the special 7-pin connector. The connection cable is fixed to the device and can't be removed.

It's a light version of the SV-903 data recorder, as the special features (built-in microphone and stereo-sound head) have been removed.

The Spectron game on tape was included in the package.

Brand Spectravideo
Model SV-904 / SVI-904
Year 1983 / 1984
Launch price
Package content


Spectravideo SV-904 box
Spectron game on tape
Spectravideo SVI-904 box
Spectravideo SV-904 opened
SV-904 underside
Spectravideo SV-904 box (top)
SVI-904 with manual
Spectravideo SV-904
Spectravideo SV-904 label
SV-904 back + connector
Spectravideo SV-904 inside