Spectravideo SV-807
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The Spectravideo SV-807 is a cartridge containing a 64B RAM expansion. You need a mini or super expander to use it.

It is designed to fill in the free memory banks of the SVI-318/328 computers by using DIP switches.

A super expander is required if you want to use several RAM expansions, especially to increase the total RAM to the maximum of 160kB:

  • on a SVI-318, you need one SV-803 cartridge and two SV-807 cartridges
  • on a SVI-328, you need two SV-807 cartridges and must disable 32kB on one of these cartridges

Note: There is also a model for MSX1 computers under SVI-747 reference.

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Spectravideo SV-807