Spectravideo SV-605
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The Spectravideo SV-605 is a super expander allowing to extend the SVI-318/328 computers with four special cartridges.

Only the following cartridges can be used with this expander:

  • SV-701 modem
  • SV-803 16kB RAM expansion
  • SV-805 RS-232C interface
  • SV-806 80 column adapter
  • SV-807 64kB RAM expansion
  • SV-8?? Hard Disk controller
  • SV-820 I/O interface
  • SV-827 modem for Datavision (Swedish Videotex)
  • SVI-809 LAN interface

Besides, it has

  • two built-in interfaces: Centronics interface for printer and disk drive controller
  • at least one internal disk drive
  • a modulator or monitor cable

The power supply transformer is internal, but can be installed outside the expander.

The package includes several manuals and two diskettes with SVI Disk BASIC and CP/M 2.20.


There are 3 versions of this expander, with also variations:

  • SV-605 with only one single sided 160kB or double sided 320kB 5.25" floppy disk drive - there is a free location to install the SV-905 or SV-906 disk drive as second drive
  • SV-605A with two single sided 160kB 5.25" floppy disk drives
  • SV-605B with two double sided 320kB 5.25" floppy disk drives, or with one double sided 320kB 5.25" floppy disk drive and a 10MB Seagate ST-212 SASI MM (WD1002-SHD) hard disk drive with its controller

The SV-605B with hard disk drive was also sold under the reference SV-608M with the 80 column adapter installed and the MicroPro software on disk: Calcstar, Datastar, Mailmerge, Reportstar, Wordstar.


Spectravideo SV-605
Spectravideo SV-605 back
Spectravideo SV-605A
Spectravideo SV-605 box
Spectravideo SV-605A opened
SV-605B drive PCB
SV-605B HDD interface
SV-605B HDD interface
SV-605B HDD interface
SV-605B Hard disk drive
Spectravido SV-605 closeup