Spectravideo QS-111
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The Spectravideo QS-111 is a joystick released in Europe and North America. The product name is "Quickshot II Turbo".

This joystick is an improved version of the Quickshot II and II Plus, with better sensitivity and durability.

It is compatible with several systems, including the SVI-318/328 computers. However, it is not compatible with the MSX computers, for which you need the SVI-111 model.

Brand Spectravideo
Model QS-111
Year 1986
Region Europe, North America
Launch price
Package content


QS-111 box (left side)
Spectravideo QS-111 box
QS-111 box (right side)
Spectravideo QS-111
Spectravideo QS-111 label
Spectravideo QS-111 detail