Sony HBI-K16
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The Sony HBI-K16 is a Kanji-ROM Level 1 (JIS1) cartridge released in 1985.

It provides 16x16 pixel Kanji characters, conforming to JIS C6232-1984. It contains a total of 3511 characters.

As a "I/O device error" occurs with the Kanji-Kun Japanese Word Processor Toshiba HX-S501 (built-in in HX-20, HX-21, HX-22, HX-23, HX-23F, HX-31 computers) when entering the BASIC instruction _JWP to launch it, you need to use this program instead to bypass the error:

10 FOR I = &H9080 TO &H9120 : POKE I, &HC9 : NEXT I

Launch price: ¥14,800


Sony HBI-K16 box
Sony HBI-K16 cartridge and manual
Sony HBI-K16 cartridge and manual

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