Sony HBI-1200
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The Sony HBI-1200 is a full duplex 1200bps modem cartridge released by Sony. This modem is built inside the Sony HB-T7 and integrated in the internal slot of the Sony HB-T600.

It has

  • a ROM with MSX-Modem BASIC and a data communication program
  • a switch for telephone line tone / pulse

The data communication program can also be found in the Panasonic FS-CM1 modem and the Panasonic FS-A1FM computer. The Sony version does not have the specific Panasonic extras (Access to The LINKS network, Documents Management, Automatic Awakening).

The firmware can be launched with CALL TELCOM or _TELCOM.

Brand Sony
Model HBI-1200
Year 1987
Region Japan
Launch price ¥32,800
Package content
Emulation ROM dump made, but not yet emulated.



Sony HBI-1200 manual
Sony HBI-1200
Sony HBI-1200 back
Sony HBI-1200 box
Sony HBI-1200 box (back)
Sony HBI-1200 PCB
Sony HBI-1200 PCB (underside)
Sony HBI-1200 right side


MSX-TELCOM Intro screen
MSX-TELCOM Modem Settings