Sony HBD-30W
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The HBD-30W is a double sided 720kB 3.5" floppy disk drive, released by Sony. It was available in two colors: light blue and black.

It was sold without interface adapter, and was meant to be used with the separately available HBK-30 Interface adapter, or directly attached to the HB-F500 or HB-F700 computers, in which case it will function as the second drive.

To connect the drive directly to a HB-F500 or HB-F700, the HBK-35 interface cable is needed, which was sold separately.

When used with the HBK-30 interface adapter, a second drive can be directly connected attached to the primary drive, for which the HBK-35 Interface cable is needed.

The interface adapter has a switch allowing to choose between single-sided 360kB and double-sided 720kB.

The Sony HBD-30W service manual gives a strange and unlikely explanation that the switch is to used when switching between single-sided and double-sided diskettes.

The Sony HBK-30/HBD-30W service manual gives another, more likely, explanation that the switch should be set to Single when used with the Sony HBD-30 single-sided drive, and set to Double for the Sony HBD-30W double-sided drive. However there is no record of a single-sided HBD-30 drive having been released.

The interface includes a ROM with version 1 of the Disk BASIC instructions.

Brand Sony
Model HBD-30W / HBK-30
Year 1986
Region JP, Europe
Launch price Drive: ¥49,800
Interface: ¥20,000
Package content Drive: HBD-30W drive - Operating instructions
Interface: HBK-30 interface - Operating instructions
Emulation ROM of the interface dumped and emulated in combination with the HBD-30W


Sony HBK-30 and HBD-30W box set
Sony HBD-30W light blue
Sony HBD-30W black
Sony HBK-30 interface
Sony HBD-30W light blue with HBK-30
Sony HBD-30W disk drive (back)
Sony HBD-30W manuals
Sony HBD-30W disk drive (inside)