Sony CXD1032
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Sony CXD1032

The Sony CXD1032 chip is a disk controller.

CXD1032 pinout

Pin Name Type Pin description
1 AB12 I Address bus 12
2 AB8 I Address bus 8
3 AB13 I Address bus 13
4 AB14 I Address bus14
5 AB0 I Address bus 0
6 GND Ground
7 AB1 I Address bus 1
8 AB2 I Address bus 2
9 AB3 I Address bus 3
10 AB4 I Address bus 4
11 AB5 I Address bus 5
12 WR I Write signal input (BWR)
13 RD I Read signal input (BRD)
14 SLTSL I Slot signal input
15 TEST I Test signal input
16 DCHG I Disk change signal input
17 SIDE IN I Specifies either the single or double side of the disk. Signal low specifies the single side.
18 DCHG RST O Disk change reset signal output
19 VDD Power (+5v)
20 INUSE O In use signal
21 SIDE SL O Side select signal output for FDD
22 DSEL 0 O Drive 0 select signal output
23 XTAL 1 I Clock signal input 1
24 XTAL 0 I Clock signal input 0
25 DIOSL ? Disk I/O select
26 DRQ I Data request input (DRQ IN)
27 RST I Reset signal input
28 IRQ I Interrupt signal input.
fdc command end signal input
29 M ON O Motor on/off control signal output
30 DSEL 1 O Drive 1 select signal output
31 GND Ground
32 CLOCK O 1Mhz clock signal output
33 RE O Data control signal to output data which has been written into the register of floppy disk controller (FDC) by specifying we
34 WE O Data control signal to write data into the register from the dal of floppy disk
35 FDC CS O Chip select signal for the floppy disk controller (FDC)
36 DROM CS O Disk-ROM select signal
37 D7 I/O Data bus 7
38 D6 I/O Data bus 6
39 D2 I/O Data bus 2
40 D1 I/O Data bus 1
41 D0 I/O Data bus 0
42 AB15 I Address bus 15
43 VDD Power (+5V)
44 AB9 I Address bus 9
45 AB10 I Address bus 10
46 AB11 I Address bus 11
47 AB6 I Address bus 6
48 AB7 I Address bus 7
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