Sanyo MJY-002
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The Sanyo MJY-002 is a joystick that was sold on the European market. It is actually the same joystick that was sold for the MSX by many different vendors in different colors, and as such is widespread. The actual OEM manufacturer is not known.

Sanyo sold the same joystick on the Japanese market as the MJY-01.

It features two separate trigger buttons, one on the top of the stick, and the other on the base. The stick offers little resistance, and the suction cups harden or deform over time. Button 2 may be difficult to press, and require fixing.

Near identical versions were available from the following brands:

Brand Sanyo
Model MJY-002
Region Europe
Launch price
Package content


Sanyo MJY-002
Sanyo MJY-002
Sanyo MJY-002 box (back)
Sanyo MJY-002 with box
Sanyo MJY-002
Sanyo MJY-002 box
Sanyo MJY-002 close-up
Sanyo MJY-002 underside