Sanyo MEB-01
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The Sanyo MEB-01 is a slot expander that was sold in Japan. The case is metallic. The package includes a short flat cable with a 50-pin female IDC connector with two polarizing keys. The product name is 'Expander Box'.

It can be directly connected to the specific expansion bus slot of the following Sanyo computers:

On any other MSX computer, an adapter (KA-UC-X) is required (¥7,800) to connect the slot expander to a regular MSX Cartridge slot.

Official price: ¥9,800 for the slot expander.

It was also available as part of the KA-MPC-X package, required to use the Sanyo MPC-X Graphic Expander Unit with a MSX1 computer. The back of this slot expander has a 20-pin connector used to connect it to the MPC-X with an appropriate cable. Without this connection the external VDP is not accessible and the lightpen is unusable.


Sanyo MEB-01
Sanyo MEB-01 box
Sanyo MEB-01 box (back)
Sanyo MEB-01 back