Sakhr AP-510
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The AP-510 is a 24 wire dot matrix printer released by Sakhr/Al Alamiah for the Arabic market.

It was manufactured in Japan by Star Micronics. The design is very similar to the Star NL-10 printer that could become a MSX printer when used with the specific MSX interface.

The mention on the manual lets think it has an Arabic MSX character set, it is unknown if it has also the international MSX character set.

Brand Sakhr (Manufacturer: Star Micronics)
Type AP-510
Region Middle East
Official price
Package content


Sakhr AP-510 box
Sakhr AP-510
Sakhr AP-510 close-up
Sakhr AP-510 underside
Sakhr AP-510 label
Sakhr AP-510 box and content
Sakhr AP-510 back
Sakhr AP-510 top detail
Sakhr AP-510 logo
Sakhr AP-510 left detail