SCART connector
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SCART (Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs), also called: EIA multiport (US), Euroconector, EuroSCART (Asia), or Péritel (France) is a connector that is able to support several signals (input and output). Supported signals depend on the MSX and the TV or monitor used.

Also do not confuse this connector with the Japanese RGB21 connector.

Pinout (RGB and Composite Video)

SART connector
Pin Name Description Signal Level Impedance
1 AOR Audio Out Right 0.5V rms <1k Ω
2 AIR Audio In Right 0.5V rms >10k Ω
3 AOL Audio Out Left/Mono 0.5V rms <1k Ω
4 AGND Audio Ground
5 B GND RGB Blue Ground
6 AIL Audio In Left/Mono 0.5V rms >10k Ω
7 B RGB Blue In 0.7V 75 Ω rms
8 SWTCH Audio/RGB slow switch. This pin allows to force TV to switch the screen mode. (some TV need to set manually to AUX) 9.5~12V = AV normal screen (4:3)
5~8V = AV wide screen (16:9)
0~2V = TV
> 10k Ω
9 G GND RGB Green Ground
10 CLKOUT Data output 2, Clockpulse out (Used in the 80s by old Videotape players, unused on MSX)
11 G RGB Green In 0.7V p-p 75 Ω
12 DATA Data output 1, DDB, remote control (Unused on MSX)
13 R GND RGB Red Ground
14 DATAGND Ground for data output 1, DDB, remote control (Unused on MSX)
15 R RGB Red In / Chrominance 0.7V p-p (Chrominance: 0.3V burst) 75 Ω
16 BLNK Blanking Signal (Composite) / Fast switch (RGB). Allows to force TV to switch on the RGB mode. (some TV need to set manually to AUX) 1~3V = RGB
0~0.4V = Composite.
75 Ω
17 VGND Ground for Composite Video or S-video luminance.
18 BLNKGND Ground for blanking signal or slow/fast switch (pin 8 or 16)
19 VOUT Composite video out / RGB Sync out 1V 75 Ω
20 VIN Composite video in / Luminance / RGB Sync in 1V 75 Ω
21 SHIELD Ground/Shield (Chassis)

List of MSXs with a SCART connector

How to make a RGB21 to SCART cable

Connect the wires as follows.

RGB21 Signal SCART
15 Red signal 15
19 Green signal 11
20 Blue signal 7
10 Sync/Video 20
1 Audio left 6
5 Audio right 2
11 +5V (or better +12V) 8
7, 3, 21, 13, 18 and 17 Corresponding grounds 5, 9, 18, 13, 14 and 17
21 Plug shield 21

It is often necessary to add the following components:

  • A 100~220μF polarized capacitor on each RGB pin of the scart. (Three same capacitors, the + connected on the wire that go to the RGB21 connector)
  • A 100 Ω resistor between the pin 8 of RGB21 and the pin 16 of the SCART.