Philips NMS 1260
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The Philips NMS 1260 is a modem cartridge that was sold in Italy.

It can operate at different speeds

  • CCITT V21 - 300 BAUD Bi-Directional
  • CCITT V23 - 1200 BAUD receive, 75 BAUD send

It contains a ROM with a communication program that gives access to SIP/Videotel and SEAT/Pagine Gialle Elettroniche (= Electronic Yellow Pages), two videotex services based on the French Minitel.

The official product name is "Adattatore Telematico", what means Telematic Adapter.

It was generally sold in a special package NMS 8816, which included the modem, the VG-8020 MSX1 computer and the NMS 1520 data recorder.

Brand Philips (Manufacturer: Micro Technology Holland)
Model NMS 1260
Year 1986
Region Italy
Launch price
Package content Modem cartridge
User's manual
Emulation ROM dump needed. See this thread for details.


Philips NMS 1260 box
Philips NMS 1260
Philips NMS 1260 underside
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