Philips NMS 1160
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The NMS 1160 is a 61-key music keyboard released by Philips for use with the NMS 1205 MSX-AUDIO cartridge.

The 20-pin IDC connector is the same as used on the Yamaha YK-01, YK-10, YK-20, the Toshiba HX-MU901 and the Panasonic FS-MKB1 music keyboards, the keyboards are however not compatible as the pin-out is different.

Brand Philips
Type NMS 1160
Year 1987
Region Europe
Official price ƒ399
Package content NMS 1160 Music keyboard
Music Creator
101 Pop Hits For Buskers (book)


This music keyboard was provided with "Music Creator" on disk, a new software that expanded on the idea of the Music-BOX firmware included in the NMS 1205 cartridge.

It allowed users to play the device as a regular music keyboard; the MSX providing the background instruments and rhythm, and the user playing along with the right hand while changing the chords using the left hand.

This follow-up software is likely also the first software that used the Sample RAM for drums.



Philips NMS 1160 box and content
Philips NMS 1160 keyboard
Philips NMS 1160 Music Creator
(disk and manual)
Philips NMS 1160 - 101 Pop Hits For Buskers (book)


Music Creator - Main menu
Music Creator - Sound Creator menu
Music Creator - Voice Perfector
Music Creator - Sound Sampling
Music Creator - Composer menu
Music Creator - Keyboard Split Point
Music Creator - Real Time Composer
Music Creator - Step Time Composer
Music Creator - Disk functions

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