Panasonic FS-CM1
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The Panasonic FS-CM1 is a full duplex 300/1200bps modem cartridge released by Panasonic, it contains

  • a ROM with MSX-Modem BASIC and the communication software MSX-TELCOM, written by ASCII and Matsushita - it's the same version as in the FS-A1FM computer
  • a 12x12 Dot Kanji-ROM level 1 - it's the same ROM as in the National FS-4600F and FS-A1FM computers
  • a 8kB SRAM (probably NEC D4464C-15L chip)
  • a switch for low/high speed

The MSX-TELCOM menu includes 4 options:

  • 1 - Modem Settings and Phone Book
  • 2 - Access to The LINKS network
  • 3 - Documents Management
  • 4 - MSX-BASIC.

From MSX-BASIC, it is possible to access the modem settings and the phone book with CALL TELCOM or _TELCOM. An automatic awakening (自動吾醒) feature is hidden under the instruction CALL REMOTE or _REMOTE.

Panasonic released two models of this modem: one with 'Panasonic' and 'FS-CM1" in red color, one with these texts in yellow color.

Brand Panasonic
Model FS-CM1
Year 1987
Region Japan
Launch price ¥32,800
Package content
Emulation ROMs dumped, but modem emulation not implemented in emulators



Panasonic FS-CM1 box
Panasonic FS-CM1 'red'
Panasonic FS-CM1 box (back)
Panasonic FS-CM1 with box
FS-CM1 box and content
Panasonic FS-CM1 right side
Panasonic FS-CM1 underside
Panasonic FS-CM1 'yellow'
Panasonic FS-CM1 User's manual
Panasonic FS-CM1 PCB
FS-CM1 PCB underside
FS-CM1 Infos about MSX networks


MSX-TELCOM Intro screen
MSX-TELCOM Modem Settings
MSX-TELCOM Access to 'The LINKS'
MSX-TELCOM Documents Management
MSX-TELCOM Automatic Awakening