Nowind Interface
This page was last modified 10:57, 17 June 2021 by Gdx. Based on work by Robosoft and Luppie and others.


The Nowind Interface supports an USB connection from the MSX to a host PC (Windows/Mac/Linux).

It allows disk images on the host computer to be used as if they were real disks on MSX. The Nowind Interfaces can be used on MSX1/2/2+/Turbo R. It supports operation in conjuction with 7 Mhz, MSXDOS2 and FAT16.

Price: 69 euro + shipping.

The nowind firmware (ROM) can be updated over the USB connection allowing easy updates.

Doesn't work on OCM.


Nowind v.1
Nowind v.2
Nowind v.2 box