Nextor DOS
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Nextor is an enhanced version of MSX-DOS 2 developed by Konamiman using original MSX-DOS 2 source code.

As announced on September 2018, Mr. Nishi on behalf of the MSX Licensing Corporation granted Konamiman permission to publish the Nextor source code.

While it is backwards compatible with MSX-DOS 2 and to some extend MSX-DOS 1 applications, it does require a new ROM and therefore cannot be used with the MSX-DOS 2 ROM cartridge.

When using this OS, you can boot in MSX-DOS 1 mode or MSX-DOS 2 mode. Generally, the new features are available only in the MSX-DOS 2 mode.

Nextor 2.0 and higher includes version 3 of Disk BASIC and adds new MSX-BASIC Error Messages.

Main new features (compared to MSX-DOS 2.31)

  • Native support for the FAT16 filesystem
  • Support for MSX1 with Memory Mapper (128kB or more)
  • Can boot in MSX-DOS 1 mode
  • Support for disk image files (in beta)
  • Built-in device partitioning tool that can be adapted to your device (driver system is fully documented).

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