National FS-RS500
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The National FS-RS500 is a package to scan images on MSX2 systems with 128kB VRAM, it includes

  • the FS-RS500 Image Scanner
  • the FS-CS500 interface cartridge
  • the FS-AA101 external power supply

The cartridge contains a program called "Tiny Paint", which can be started with CALL TNPAINT or _TNPAINT from MSX-BASIC. This software has more features than the "Image Converter" application provided on floppy disk with the FS-4600F computer.

Official price was ¥ 59,800.



National FS-RS500 scanner
National FS-RS500 manual
National FS-CS500 interface cartridge
National FS-RS500 packaging
National FS-RS500 box
National FS-RS500 content of box


Tiny Paint - starting mode
Tiny Paint - scanning mode
Tiny Paint - ediing mode

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