National DA-85
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The National DA-85 is a VHD interface designed for Japanese MSX2 computers with superimpose capacities:

This item is very rare, it does not have a MSX2 or VHDpc logo.

It was used in Japan to control VHD karaoke via a connection with the printer port of the MSX2 computer by using the Basic LPRINT instruction. Two video sources (VHD and auxiliary source, for example camera) were superimposed to the computer picture.

It was manufactured by the Victor company as the label indicates it. See also Victor IF-7500.


National DA-85 Interface
National DA-85 Interface - back
DA-85 - label


  • Connector for VHD cable
  • Centronics compatible Parallel port to connect the computer
  • 2 video in connectors (VHD and auxiliary)
  • Video out connector
  • Connector for power supply adapter