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The MSX Resource Center was created in 1994 by Sander van Nunen. Back then the site was hosted on his private account on XS4ALL. In 1996 Sander decided to register his own domain and started

Until the end of 1998 the site was frequently updated, after this period the activities went down slowly. But at the end of 1999 Sander decided he wanted The MSX Resource Center to be more alive than ever, so he started a mailing list for people who were interested in developing a new site. Some people responded and after a while plans were made. In the beginning of 2000, Bart en Sander started developing the site you have been looking at until MRC2k11 was released. Later that year more people joined.


MemberMain responsibilitiesOther skills
42morrowKorean translations -
caxRussian translations -
FranckfrFrench translations -
fukenkoJapanese translations -
IvanSpanish translations -
John_WarnerRussian translations -
karlochSpanish translations -
MeitsNewscomposer, Norwegian
mesiasmsxSpanish moderator -
MetalionFrench translations -
MSXOsaureFrench translations -
NecronPortuguese translations -
PACSpanish translations -
popolony2kPortuguese translations -
realpeterjackPortuguese translations -
replaySpanish translations -
RobertVroemisseNewsdesigner, composer
SamaAdminJapanese, law
SanderDesign -
shwaikhArabic translations -
snoutNewsinternet development
st1mpyJapanese translations -
wolf_Newscomposer, designer


1996 - 2000; The 'static' years

November 21st, 1996Move to domain name announced
June 30th, 1997Move to own webserver
August 2nd, 1997Move to domain name announced
June 30th, 1997Move to own webserver

2000 - 2002; The 'ASP' years

May 17th, 2000MSX Resource Center re-launched; Coded entirely from scratch in ASP, the MSX Resource Center modernized with user-generated content (links, submit news, post reactions)
June 20th, 2000MRC MILESTONE: 100 members
September 27th, 2000MSX Resource Center forum opened; with a very slow start and a couple of re-launches, it finally became the most active MSX forum on the web
November 12th, 2000MRC MILESTONE: 100,000 visits
April 5th, 2001MRC MILESTONE: 500 members
April 22nd, 2001Report of Nishi's lecture to Tilburg 2001; the publication - and the big news on the MSX revival - boosted visits to the MRC significantly
September 25th, 2001MSXPLAYer beta preview; removed several days after publication, MRC had managed to get their hands on a very alpha beta version of the emulator. Again a huge peak in our visitor count and quite a bit of downtime because our server could not cope with it.
March 31st, 2002MRC MILESTONE: 200,000 visits
April 26th, 20002EGG starts selling MSX retrogames embedded in MSXPLAYer
June 6th, 2002Emulator Comparison published; first of its kind head-to-head emulator comparison
August 25th, 2002MRC MILESTONE: 2,500,000 visits
October 15th, 2002MRC MILESTONE: 1,000 members
December 8th, 2002MSX Resource Center defaced

December 2002 - 2011; The 'PHP' years

December 18th, 2002MSX Resource Center completely restyled; user activity on MRC went to the roof after this restyle, on which the site is still mainly based
December 18th, 2002MSX Resource Center becomes a Foundation
January 1st, 2003First MRC Happy new years post with statistics on the year passed
January 9th, 2003MSX Resource Center installs policy to keep atmosphere on the site clean
February 17th, 2003MRC MILESTONE: 2,000 MSX forum posts
March 20th, 2003MSX Resource Center visits - and reports about MadriSX 2003
April 4th, 2003MRC MILESTONE: 3,000 MSX forum posts
May 20th, 2003Freeware MSX downloads corner opened on the MRC
May 31st, 2003MRC MILESTONE: 500,000 visits
May 31st, 2003MRC MILESTONE: 1,000 news posts
June 29th, 2003MRC MILESTONE: 5,000 MSX forum posts
October 3rd, 2003MRC MILESTONE: 10,000 MSX forum posts
October 20th, 2003Spanish MSX Resource Center launched; MSX Resource Center becomes multilingual
November 15th, 2003MRC MILESTONE: 1,500 members
November 22nd, 2003MRC Snowfall Challenge; first MSX development competition initiated by MSX Resource Center (not counting the Scroll & Logo challenge)
November 23rd, 2003Dutch MSX Resource Center launched
December 6th, 2003MSX Resource Center goes to (and reports on) ASCII MSX Magazine Festival Japan; snout shakes hands with Nishi, setting the first steps for the MSX revival outside Japan
December 28th, 2003MRC MILESTONE: 1,000,000 visits
December 30th, 2003MRC MILESTONE: 1,500 news posts
January 1st, 2004Second MRC Happy new years post with statistics on the year passed
January 7th, 2004MRC Snowfall Challenge closes with 25 entries
January 13th, 2004Wammes Witkop head of MRC Snowfall Challenge Jury; the legend returns... shortly
April 27th, 2004MRC MILESTONE: 20,000 MSX forum posts
May 14th, 2004Portuguese MSX Resource Center launched
May 16th, 2004MRC Under Water challenge closes with 11 entries
May 28th, 2004MRC MILESTONE: 1,500,000 visits
June 3rd, 2004MRC MILESTONE: 2,000 members
June 30th, 2004MRC MILESTONE: 25,000 MSX forum posts
August 16th, 2004MRC MILESTONE: 2,000 news posts
October 12th, 2004MRC Bounce Challenge closes with 15 entries
December 5th, 2004MRC MILESTONE: 2,000,000 visits
December 14th, 2004Bombaman level edit challence closes with 13 entries
December 27th, 2004MRC MuSiXmas challenge closes with 11 entries
January 1st, 2005Third MRC Happy new years post with statistics on the year passed
January 27th, 2005MRC MILESTONE: 2,500 members
February 22nd, 2005MRC MILESTONE: 2,500 news posts
March 4th, 2005MRC Airwaves Challenge closes with 7 entries
March 20th, 2005MRC moves to dedicated web hosting; MRC has grown to need a whole web server of its own
March 23rd, 2005MSX T-Shirts on sale; coloring all MSX fairs since in blue
March 28th, 2005IGN Entertainment acquires MSX Resource Center; Well... in our first April Fools joke, they did
May 21st, 2005MSX World 2005 report and photo shoot; Another huge MSX fair in Japan, MRC was there to take the pictures!
May 27th, 2005MRC MILESTONE: 2,500,000 visits
August 5th, 2005MRC MILESTONE: 50,000 MSX Forum posts
September 29th, 2005MRC Oneliner Challenge closes with 36 entries
November 27th, 2005Russian MSX Resource Center launched
November 27th, 2005MRC MILESTONE: 3,000,000 visits
January 1st, 2006Fourth MRC Happy new years post with statistics on the year passed
March 6th, 2006MRC Scene Music Remake challence closes with 12 entries
May 23rd, 2006MRC MILESTONE: 3,000 members
June 22nd, 2006MRC MILESTONE: 250 links to MSX websites
July 28th, 2006MRC MILESTONE: 65,535 MSX Forum posts
November 5th, 2006MRC MILESTONE: 4,000,000 visits
November 12th, 2006MSXArt'06 closes with 25 entries
November 15th, 2006MSXArt'06 really closes with 27 entries

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