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Konami 051649 chip with its Digital/Analog converter

The chip referenced 051649 2212P003 is an SCC sound generator. SCC stands for Sound Creative Chip, the meaning of the abreviation is mentioned in the Konami Software Club newsletter 3 of November 1987. It is a sound chip developed since about Feb. 1986 by Konami, in collaboration with Toshiba, and it was provided in some of their Mega-ROM modules (see below). In addition the chip was also used in various Konami arcade systems.

An SCC chip provides 5 channels of wave table sound (not so soft and cute as the MSX-AUDIO and MSX-MUSIC, but nice if used properly). Actually, the samples are only 32 bytes long (defining a wave form) and are repeated to get `real sounds'.

On the package of each Mega ROM game produced by Konami with SCC chip, you can read: "...new 8 voice polyphonic LSI Custom Sound Chip Mounted." 8 channels? The chip has only 5 channels, and the 3 other channels are provided by the standard PSG chip built into every MSX.

Technical info can be found here: http://bifi.msxnet.org/msxnet/tech/scc.html. Konami has also produced an improved version, the SCC+ for the Sound Cartridge.


  • 5 channels
  • Frequency (12-bit) and amplitude (4-bit) parameters are compatible with the PSG (AY-3-8910) from MSXs.
  • 11-bit DAC (D/A) labeled as Konami 051650 (parallel resistors in series)
  • The waveform of the chanels are independent except for the 4 and 5 that are common (this changes on SCC+).
  • Compatibility mode with the SCC chip. (default)
  • Waveform definable on 32 bytes for each channel
  • No envelope (automatic attenuation of volume)
  • The audio is output through the mixer on the main unit side via the audio input of the cartridge slot.
  • 8K rom mapper

Konami Games with SCC

The first game developed with SCC support was F-1 Spirit [1], although the first game released with SCC in Europe was Nemesis 2, which was in fact developed after F-1 Spirit.

The following Konami MSX cartridge games contain the SCC chip:

Product Generation Description Region
RC 751 MSX1 Nemesis 2 JP, Europe
RC 752 MSX1 F-1 Spirit, The Way to Formula 1 JP, Europe
RC 756 MSX2 Break Shot Unreleased
RC 757 MSX2 Pennant Race JP
RC 758 MSX1 Salamander JP, Europe
RC 759 MSX1 Parodius JP
RC 760 MSX1 King's Valley 2 JP, Europe
RC 761 MSX2 King's Valley 2 JP
MSX2 King's Valley 2 - Contest edition JP
RC 762 MSX2 Contra (a.k.a. Gryzor) JP
RC 764 MSX1 Nemesis 3 JP, Europe
RC 766 MSX2 Pennant Race 2 JP
RC 767 MSX2 Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake JP
RC 768 MSX2 Space Manbow JP
RC 769 MSX2 Quarth JP

Using an SCC cartridge for other software than the game it comes with

Playing other Konami games

Due to the massive cracking and copying of Mega ROMs it was possible to have only one cartridge with SCC sound chip and all the other games on disks. This required of course that you had enough RAM in your MSX2 machine to load those ROMs. To disable the game ROM in the cartridge, it was recommended to cut one of the game ROM's pins or make a kind of switch. Technical info is here: http://bifi.msxnet.org/msxnet/tech/switch.html

Later a separate SCC cartridge was made by the Japanese group ESE: the ESE SCC, based on a real Konami game, though. But of course also the separate sound cartridges that came with Snatcher and SD Snatcher can be used.

Recently, Manuel Pazos got hold of a large quantity of real Konami SCC chips and put them on a cartridge, together with some flash ROM. The result: MSX Cartridge Shop MegaFlashROM. An SCC cartridge in which you can load any ROM and then play it as an SCC game. This cartridge was later followed by a SCC+ version, the MegaFlashROM SCC+

Using the SCC with other programs

There are various (old) disk magazines/demo/music disks, games and even sound composer programs that can use the SCC chip.

Here are some of them:



  • Dr. Pill - Infinite
  • Lilo (Ninjinkun 1) by KAI
  • Manbow 2 - Norakomi
  • Montana John and the Templar's Treasure - Infinite
  • The Best of Hamaraja Night (Cartridge version)
  • The Monster Hunter (Arthur´s Quest) - Nerlaska Studio (Needs external SCC or SCC+ )
  • The Goonies ´r´ Good Enough - Kralizec

Music Disks



Pin Type Name Remark
1 I TEST Set to Low for normal use. When Hight, MA13-18 and /OE are Low.
2 O DA5 SCC sound digital out bit5
3 O DA4 SCC sound digital out bit4
4 O DA3 SCC sound digital out bit3
5 O DA2 SCC sound digital out bit2
6 O DA1 SCC sound digital out bit1
7 O DA0 SCC sound digital out bit0(LSB)
8 I OE Go to pin 1 of slot cartridge. (/OE can not be active when /SLTSL and /RD are not active)
9 I BUS CLK CPU/BUS clock (3.58 MHz), Go to pin 42 of slot cartridge
10 I CS Go to pin 04 (/SLTSL) of slot cartridge
11 I RD Go to pin 14 of slot cartridge
12 I WR Go to pin 13 of slot cartridge
13 I A7 Go to pin 21 of slot cartridge
14 I A6 Go to pin 22 of slot cartridge
15 I A5 Go to pin 31 of slot cartridge
16 I A4 Go to pin 32 of slot cartridge
17 I A3 Go to pin 29 of slot cartridge
18 I A2 Go to pin 30 of slot cartridge
19 I A1 Go to pin 27 of slot cartridge
20 I A0 Go to pin 28 of slot cartridge
21 I/O D0 Go to pin 34 of slot cartridge
22 I/O D1 Go to pin 33 of slot cartridge
23 I/O D2 Go to pin 36 of slot cartridge
24 GND Go to pin 41,43 of slot cartridge
25 I/O D3 Go to pin 35 of slot cartridge
26 I/O D4 Go to pin 38 of slot cartridge
27 I/O D5 Go to pin 37 of slot cartridge
28 I/O D6 Go to pin 40 of slot cartridge
29 I/O D7 Go to pin 39 of slot cartridge
30 I A11 Go to pin 19 of slot cartridge
31 I A12 Go to pin 23 of slot cartridge
32 I A13 Go to pin 26 of slot cartridge
33 I A14 Go to pin 25 of slot cartridge
34 I A15 Go to pin 18 of slot cartridge
35 O MA13 Mapper address 13
36 O MA14 Mapper address 14
37 O MA15 Mapper address 15
38 O MA16 Mapper address 16
39 O MA17 Mapper address 17
40 O MA18 Mapper address 18
41 O Fref N.C.
42 I RESET Go to pin 15 of slot cartridge
43 O DA6 SCC sound digital out bit6
44 O DA7 SCC sound digital out bit7
45 O DA8 SCC sound digital out bit8
46 O DA9 SCC sound digital out bit9
47 O DA10 SCC sound digital out bit10(MSB)
48 VDD Go to pin 47 (+5V power supply) of slot cartridge

Hardware that emulate the SCC

The following modern FPGA based MSX systems, can emulate the SCC

The following expansion cartridges can emulate the SCC and/or SCC+:



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