HAL Halnote
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HAL Halnote is a Japanese software package released in 1987 by HAL Laboratory. It consists out of a 1MB ROM cartridge with MSX-JE and Kanji-ROM and one or two disks. In case of a second disk, it's exactly the same as the first disk and can be viewed as a security copy.

Note however that the Kanji-ROM does not appear to be available from BASIC or other applications as it does not write to the standard kanji ROM I/O port. The reason is unclear and assistance is needed from someone that has the physical cartridge and/or user manual to understand if this is normal.

Halnote is a graphical environment akin to early versions of Windows and the Macintosh. And it is the predecessor to MSX View.

Official price: ¥29,800



HAL Halnote
HAL Halnote
HAL Halnote


Disk write protected
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