Gradiente TM-1
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The Gradiente TM-1, called Telecom module, is a peripheric that includes a cartridge slot, a 75/1200 baud modem (the two 4-pin telephone plugs) and a 50-19200 baud RS-232C interface (DIN-8 connector).

It transforms the connected computer into a videotex (Telesp) and Cirandão (Embratel) terminal. However, it does not contain a ROM but was originally used with the Videotexto cartridge that has its own communication program.

All units were sold to Sao Paulo state telephone company for commercial access to videotex system.

Brand Gradiente
Model TM-1
Year 1988
Region Brazil
Launch price
Package content
Emulation ROM of the Videotexto cartridge (sold apart) has been dumped, but is not yet emulated.



Gradiente TM-1 module
Gradiente TM-1 module (back)
Gradiente TM-1 interface
Gradiente TM-1 box
Gradiente TM-1 module and interface
Gradiente TM-1 module (underside)
Videotexto cartridge (sold apart)


Gradiente videotex version 2.1