Fujitsu MB22450
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The Fujitsu MB22450 package allows to connect the FM-X to the FM-7 computer and to extend the possibilities of both computers.

The package includes:

  • a FM-7 expansion card to be inserted in the FM-7 Z80 card slot, its fixed cable will make the link with the interface
  • a FM-7 interface that needs to be inserted in the FM-X expansion slot and containing a ROM with new MSX-BASIC commands (see FM-X BASIC)
  • a RGB cable to connect the FM-X RGB input with the FM-7 RGB output
  • a boot cassette with an extension of F-BASIC 1.0 for the FM-7 computer (note that it's recommended to make a disk version for a faster launching)
  • two manuals

You need 2 monitors, one for each computer.

The FM-X expansion cartridge allows to use some FM-7 resources:

  • 32kB RAM from the FM-7 instead of internal 16kB (note: the FM-7 has a total of 64kB RAM)
  • the optional FM sound chip of the FM-7
  • the printer of the FM-7
  • the RS-232C card of the FM-7
  • the FM-7 as keyboard input (with some limitations)
  • the FM-7 as a monitor of the FM-X (view/modify contents of memory, setting breakpoints, etc.)

Likewise, the FM-7 can use some FM-X resources:

  • the PSG channels of the FM-X that come in addition to its own 3 PSG channels
  • the joysticks connected to the FM-X

The mentioned connection with the RGB cable does not allow to superimpose the video signals, the concerned RGB connectors are used only for the sprites function.

Official price: ¥14,800


Fujitsu MB22450 package
Fujitsu FM-X and FM-7 together
Fujitsu MB22450 package
Fujitsu MB22450 box
Fujitsu FM-X expansion slot
Fujitsu MB22450 cartridge (inside)
Fujitsu FM-X and FM-7 connected
Fujitsu FM-X with FM-7 interface