First Rate Music Hall
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No good disk image of this utility is available. If you have this disk and can provide a good disk image, then post a message in the forum.



First Rate Music Hall is a MSX-MUSIC song editor using MML (Music Macro Language) also used with the Basic instruction PLAY but here extended.

It was designed by Shadow and released by Genic in 1991 with some examples, especially made by the Unicorn Corporation.

A conversion program is included to put your FAC Soundtracker 1 MUS files in the new format (see First Rate Music Hall file format).


Playback functions

  • 7 channels (6 for the FM melody, 1 for the drums)
  • 8 octaves
  • MML input
  • Change of note length
  • Tempo change
  • Volume change (with additional functions V+ and V-)
  • Change of instruments (15 FM presets or 64 original instruments)
  • Change of drums (8 different drum patterns required)
  • Repetitions
  • Wait function
  • More drums at the same time
  • Two 'rest' possibilities (one with a stop, one without)

Editor functions

  • 64 pages (1 page is 16 characters)
  • 7 channels per page
  • MML corresponding input (can handle BASIC music!)
  • Copy functions (per page or per channel)
  • Undo function
  • Delete function
  • Editor keys such DEL and INS
  • Test Play
  • Packing and Depacking (crunching music for using less memory space and faster playback options)
  • Developing / designing instruments with test (Synth Saurus 'method'),
  • Designing drums with test

Disk functions

  • Saving / Loading of packed songs (PCK files), editor songs (EDI files), instruments (INS files), drums (DRM files)
  • Directory query
  • 4 songs in one 16kB packaged file including the instruments and drums data
  • The files are all playable under the interrupt in MSX-BASIC

New MML instructions

Note: The below list is not complete, by lack of a good disk image.

Instruction Effect
P Begin of pattern
p End of pattern
V+ Increases volume
V- Decreases volume
W Begin of wait function
w End of wait function

Useful keys

Note: The below list is not complete, by lack of a good disk image.

F1 Play music
F2 Access to the music packer/depacker tool
F3 Access to the instruments (voices) editor
F4 Acces to the drums patterns editor
F5 Access to the disk menu
Cursors Move on the current page
CTRL + left cursor Go to previous page
CTRL + right cursor Go to next page