File extensions used on MSX
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Filename extensions used on MSX

Extension Description Environment
ACC Music Creator accompaniment data files
ARC File(s) compressed in ARC format by System Enhancement Associates (SEA). Tools to extract are UNARC.COM (v1.6) and UNP.COM (v1.0 by Pierre Gielen).
To extract a PMA file on a Mac use The Unarchiver.
ARC File(s) compressed in Russian ARC format, incompatible with SEA's ARC format. Tools to extract are XARC.COM (v1.01) and ARCDE.COM (v1.03). MSX-DOS
ARJ File(s) compressed in ARJ format. Tool to extract are UNARC.COM (v1.10) and UNP.COM (v1.0 by Pierre Gielen). MSX-DOS
APT Studio FM pattern data file
ASC Plain text (ASCII format) that can contain a BASIC program or data. BASIC / Text editor
ASN Assignment files for MIDI Blaster
BAS BASIC program listing tokenized. These files can be executed from MSX-DOS with the BASIC name.bas command. BASIC
BAT Batch files (plain text) interpreted by MSX-DOS. MSX-DOS
BGM MuSICA binary music file. MuSICA is a software developed by ASCII to create music on 17 voices with PSG, FM and Konami's SCC.
We can use also the BGM player by (YMD)A or KINROU5 (by Masarun), an alternative driver to play the BGMs.
BGM MSX-FAN music file. Not to be confused with MuSICA files. Songs in this format were contained in all their disk magazines, and later a specific player was released that even supported playback on MIDI. MSPLAY(OPLL) / MSP(MIDI interface), MSX-DOS2
BGM Bloadable MSX-MUSIC file created by the BIT2BGM.COM utility of Uwe Schröder that converts Synth Saurus musical files BGM.BIN driver, BASIC
BIN Binary file created with the BASIC BSAVE instruction. Loads with BLOAD. The header have a length of 7 bytes (FEh + Start address + End address + execution address). It can contain machine language and data.
Many of these files can be executed from MSX-DOS with BINLOAD.COM (by MSX-Park).
BMP Image file in format . Viewable in SCREEN 7 or 8 with BMP.COM (v1.01 by SEIGA) MSX-DOS
BOK MSX View Picture book. MSX View
BTM Batch files supported by MSX-DOS 2 v.2.40 or later. MSX-DOS 2
CAS BIOS level cassette image for emulators, needs a separate tool to run or write to cassette. SofaCas allows to convert software on tape to CAS file and also play it using a homemade cable PC sound output to MSX cassette input. On MSX turbo R, we can use TRCAS (by Martos) to run CAS played by SofaCas. MSX emulator / SofaCas
CMP Compressed screen 5 image, including palette, created with DD-Graph. Dot Designer's Graph (aka DD-Graph)
CMP Compressed image, including palette, created with GIOS. GIOS, aka Graphical Input/Output System
COM Command containing a binary executable under MSX-DOS.
Can be also an executable file compressed with POPCOM.COM (v1.0 by Perpermint-Star).
CPM .COM file renamed to .CPM, either to be used in some CPM emulators, or to be able to workaround GMail's nanny protection against executable files. Just rename those back to .COM to be able to run them. MSX-DOS, CP/M
DRM File for the drums editor of the First Rate Music Hall tracker.
DAT Synthesizer configuration file for MIDI Blaster
DSK Disk image for emulators, needs a separate tool to run or write to normal disk.
Can be launched on real MSX with SofaRunit or using Nextor's EMUFILE command.
MSX-DOS, Nextor
DUA Music-BOX dual data file (melody + sample)
EDI File for the song editor of the First Rate Music Hall tracker.
EMx Disk image for the floppy disk emulator (HDDEMU.COM) for MSX Turbo R by Tsuyoshi. Internal structure is same as in DSK-files. Protected disks have additional information stored to files with HED-extension. MSX-DOS
EVA Video file in EVA format. Video player
EVG Yamaha SFG-05 event data file
FMS Synth Saurus sound file Synth Saurus
FNT Font file for the Scroll Power utility.
G9B Library graphic format for GFX-9000.
GE5 Synonym for .SC5. See the .SCx file description. Image player
GEN Plain text that contain Z80 assembly source code, used with GEN80 compiler MSX-DOS
GIF Graphics Interchange Format. They can be viewed with GIFI.COM (by Kakami Hiroyuki) and converted in MSX format with ENGIF.COM (v1.2 by Pierre Gielen) - See also SHOWEM.COM (by Steven van Loef) and GIFDUMP.COM (by Francesco Duranti) MSX-DOS
GLx Graph Saurus image file like BASIC instruction COPY. BASIC
GRA Image file in QLD format. The viewer BLS.COM (v2.00 by SEIGA) support it. MSX-DOS
GRP Synonym for .SC2. See the .SCx file description.
Can also be a compressed image for Graph Saurus.
BASIC / Graph Saurus
GZ File compressed in GZIP format by PC gzipers. Tool to extract is GUNZIP.COM. MSX-DOS
HLP MSX-DOS 2 help file (plain text) MSX-DOS 2
INS File for the instruments editor of the First Rate Music Hall tracker.
IPS Patch for file. Needs IPS patcher. MSX-DOS
ISH Compressed file. MSX-DOS
JPG Compressed image file in format JPEG. Some viewer can show image until 1024x1024: JPD.COM (v0.23 by APi), JLD.COM (v1.11 by SEIGA) or BLS.COM (v2.00 by SEIGA). JPEG file can be produced on MSX from SCREEN 12 images with JSV.COM (v0.1 by SEIGA). MSX-DOS 2
KSS MSX music file that contains also player code. Use KSSPLAY.COM (by NYYRIKKI) to play it. MSX-DOS
LDR Tokenized Basic file usually BASIC program LoaDeR used to load and run a program consisting of several BAS files. BASIC
LHA File(s) compressed in LHA format. Tools to create a LHA archive are LHPACK.COM (v1.03 by H.Saito) or LHA.COM (v1.05a by Kyouju). Tools to extract are PMM.COM (v1.20 by Iita), LHARC.COM and LHEXT.COM (v1.33 by Kyouju).
To extract a PMA file on a Mac use The Unarchiver.
LPF Loop file for the Scroll Power utility.
LZH Synonym for LHA. MSX-DOS
MAG Maki-chan V2 image file maintly used on PC-9801 and Sharp X68000. Viewable with BLS.COM (v2.00 by SEIGA) MSX-DOS
MAX Synonym for MAG. MSX-DOS
MBK Samplekit file for the music tracker MoonBlaster.
MBM Music file for the music tracker MoonBlaster.
MBS Sample file for the music tracker MoonBlaster.
MBV Voice file for the music tracker MoonBlaster.
MBW Wave song for the music tracker MoonBlaster. MoonSound
MCM Micro Cabin music file. Played by MCDRV.EXE MSX-DOS
MDT MSX Music-System music data file
MDX Music file in a format designed for Sharp X68000. These files can be played by MPX2.COM (when driver installed with MXDRV.COM). Optional PDX files are PCM samples. Require the YAMAHA SFG-01/05 cartridge or the MFP PCM cartridge. See this thread for more information. MSX-DOS 2, MDX Driver, 256kB~ of RAM
MEG Plain text that contain Z80 assembly MegaAssembler source code. Extension also used for Mega-Rom images. MSX-DOS
MEL Music-BOX melody data file
MFM FM song for MoonBlaster. MoonSound
MGS Music file in format developed by AIN. Played by MGSEL.COM (when driver installed with MGSDRV.COM). MSX-DOS 2, MGS driver, YM-2413/OPLL, SCC
MID Standard MIDI file (can be played using MIDI-interface or MoonSound software) Various
MIF Compressed image file. Various
MIO MIODRV Music file. Played by MIODRV Player.
MKI Maki-chan V1 image file maintly used on Sharp X68000. Viewable with BLS.COM (v2.00 by SEIGA) MSX-DOS
MOD Amiga MOD file (can be played on MSX turbo R or MoonSound) MSX-DOS
MP3 MPEG Audio Layer III file. MP3s can be played with Sunrise MP3 player, MPX Cartridge r1.1 by Junsoft or SE-ONE by TMT logic.
MPK Music Player K-kaz song. Require WAMPK Player MSX-DOS
MSx Synth Saurus score file Synth Saurus
MSD MuSICA source music file (MML). We can also use KINROU4 (by Masarun), an alternative compiler. MSX-DOS
MUE HAL Music Editor MUE music file. There's a patch to add mouse support here. Cartridge
MUS FAC Soundtracker music file
MUS MGSDRV source MML file. Needs to be compiled to a MGS file with MGSC.COM. OTOH, MGSCR.COM can decompile MGS files back to the MUS source. MSX-DOS2
MUS Studio FM music file (not recommended)
MWK MoonSound Wave sample kit
MWM MoonBlaster for MoonSound Wave song
OPX OPLL driver music format
PAC Dump of SRAM contents (save games) of PAC or FM-PAC cartridge.
PAT Studio FM pattern file
PCM Sound sample file for MSX-Turbo R.
PCK Packaged file for First Rate Music Hall tracker. Includes 4 songs with all instruments and drums data.
PCT Dynamic Publisher page files. Dynamic Publisher
PDX Optional PCM sample file used with an MDX file. You can play a PDX with PDXLOAD.COM by AIN. See also MDX extension. MSX-DOS 2, MDX Driver, 256kB~ of RAM
PIC Phillips Video Graphics image. Synonym for . SC8, so check the .SCx description.
Also specific image format used of X68000, it is viewable with BLS.COM (v2.00 by SEIGA)
PLx Graph Saurus colors palette file in Raw format (contains 8 sets of palettes with two bytes by color RG 0B). It's a companion for the respective .SRx file, so both files must always be copied together. Graph Saurus
PMA File(s) compressed in PMARC format. Tools to create an archive are PMARC.COM, PMARC2.COM (v2.0 by Sybex) and UNP.COM (v1.0 by Pierre Gielen). Tools to extract are PMM.COM (v1.20 by Iita), PMEXE.COM (v2.0) and PMEXT.COM (v2.22). PMEXT has been ported on Windows (v1.21 by Yoshihiko Mino).
To extract a PMA file on a Mac use The Unarchiver.
PRO Music file for Pro-Tracker (by Tyfoon Soft). BASIC
PSG PSG Sampler sample file. PSG soundchip
RDT MSX Music-System rhythm data file
RLT Music Creator real time data files
ROM Raw ROM image dump. Used by ROM loaders or emulators. MSX-DOS / MSX emulator
RTM Synth Saurus rhythm file Synth Saurus
S1x Contains the odd lines of an interlace image. For more info, see the SCx file.
S3M See MOD file.
SAM Music-BOX sample data file (used as drumkit file in Music Creator)
SBM Music data for SCC and PSG soundchips. SCC Blaffer NT, SCC, PSG
Instruments data for SCC and PSG soundchips. SCC Blaffer NT, SCC, PSG
SCx Screen-x binary image file. Can have a companion .S1x file that will contain the extra interlaced lines to double the vertical resolution.

Used by image editors or BLOAD instruction with the parameter S. SC2 images can be viewed under MSX-DOS with SC2VIEW.COM (by GDX), and SC5 to SCC files with BLS.COM (by SEIGA).

SCR Screen-2 image created with Graphos III. It's an executable file with a loader that produces an effect. Loadable on MSX-BASIC with BLOAD"file",R. Graphos III, BASIC
SDT MSX Music-System sound data file (= voice data)
SDT SCMD Music file for MSX made a MML compiler for Windows. The player is SC.COM. MSX-DOS
SEE Sound Effect data. (Shareware by Fuzzy Logic) Sound Effect Editor, PSG soundchip
SEQ Music Creator sequence data files
SFM Studio FM music file
SMx FAC Soundtracker sample file
SMP Sample file for Covox/SIMPL or MSX Turbo R
SNG Music file for the music editor SCC-Musixx by Tyfoon Soft. BASIC, SCC soundchip
SPT Music Creator step time data files
SPT Text file for the Scroll Power utility.
SRx Graph Saurus Image file. Requires the respective .PLx file. Can be optionally compressed with run-lenght. Uncompressed files can be loaded on MSX-BASIC with a BLOAD"FILE.SRx",S, but the external palette will have to be loaded with OPEN#1. (length: 0~6A00h/0D400h). Graph Saurus
STP Dynamic Publisher stamp files. Contains an image that can be loaded on a page (.STP). Dynamic Publisher
TIx Graph Saurus tile file. Graph Saurus
TSR Terminate and Stay Resident programs to be used with MemMan 2.0 and higher. MemMan
TXT Plain text file generaly coded in ASCII, Ank or JIS. Text editor / viewer
VCD Voice file for the MSX Voice Recorder (HAL Laboratory)
VCD MuSICA voice file MuSICA driver
VGM Music file that supports many sound chips, playable by VGMPLAY.COM (by Laurens Holst) MSX-DOS
VOC Music Creator voice data files
VOC Studio FM voice data file
VOG Yamaha SFG-05 voice data file
WAV Sound sample file. Can be played with the MPX Cartridge r1.1 by Junsoft.
WB Assembler Project file. For the The WBASS2 Z80 Assembler.
XM See MOD file.
XPC Rom Patch file for EXECROM.COM (A&L Software). EXECROM patches the Rom on the fly. MSX-DOS
ZIP File(s) compressed in ZIP format by PC zipers. The best tool to extract is SUZ.COM (v1.3 by Loutrax). MSX-DOS

For more detailed information check out Description of common file formats.