Digital Design Drive-Interface DDX
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Floppy Disk Interface that supports one or two drives, using a standard PC FDD cable (with twist).
It is compatible with standard PC 3.5" (360 or 720kB) and 5.25" (180 or 360kB) floppy drives.

Drives will have to be powered externally, the cartridge does not supply power.

The interface includes a Brazilian regionalized Disk-ROM with version 1 of the Disk BASIC commands.

The interface was sold alone or with a 5"1/4 drive in Brazil. The drive can be powered using either 110 or 220V.

Almost every MSX FDD interface uses a memory interface, but this one (and also the Microsol CDX models) uses ports instead.


Interface DDX
Drive & Interface DDX
Drive DDX rear


Date prompt
Format command