Datagame Modem Videotexto
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The Datagame Modem Videotexto is a modem 300-1200bps, it includes a ROM with a Videotex application that you can start by pressing the F1 function key or entering CALL VTX or _VTX in MSX-BASIC.

Actually, it's based on the Digital Design DDX Modem, but the code has been modified to focus only on the videotex part. The terminal application is still present in the code with the reference to DDX, but CALL TERM has been disabled. It means you need to adapt the modem settings directly on the device.

Brand Datagame
Model Modem & Videotext
Region Brazil
Launch price
Package content
Emulation ROM dump made, but not yet emulated.



Datagame Modem Videotexto


Datagame Modem Videotexto - Videotex