Cibertron RS232/Terminal
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The Cibertron RS232/Terminal is an RS-232 interface compatible with Expert, Hot MT and Sony MSX2. Various peripherals such as XPTO BCR-MSX barcode reader, 80 columns card (Sharp and Microsol), slot expander (Tacto and Neos), disk drives and others can work together with RS232/Terminal.

A PC (XT, 286 or 386) with a multi-user operating system can be connected to several MSX terminals.

MSX users who wish to exchange programs and files with another computer can do so through the instructions that have been incorporated into BASIC for file handling. However, it's not RS-232C BASIC - see Cibertron BASIC

The RS232/Terminal interface is fully configurable by software and can be connected to a modem.

It contains a ROM with a specific Cirandão communication program, developed in association with Unibanco Eletrônico, including RS-232C configuration of the MSX used as terminal, access to professionnal services and videotex in Brazil.

Brand Cibertron
Model RS232/Terminal
Year 1989
Region Brazil
Launch price
Package content
Emulation ROM dump made, but not yet emulated.



Cibertron RS232/Terminal
Cibertron RS232/Terminal
Cibertron RS232/Terminal


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