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Sanyo was one of the staunchest supporters of the MSX standard, starting with the MSX1 MPC-10 (Wavy 10) in 1983 and continuing its support up to the MSX2+ PHC-70FD2 (Wavy 70FD2) in 1989. They produced a lot of MSX computers and peripherals.

They also produced systems for several other vendors, most notably Philips.



Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 Sanyo MPC-1 (Wavy1) 1985 JP Sanyo PHC-27 1985 JP
Sanyo MPC-2 (Wavy2) 1985 JP Sanyo PHC-28L 1985 FR
Sanyo MPC-3 (Wavy3) 1985 JP Sanyo PHC-28P (GE) 1984 Europe
Sanyo MPC-5 (Wavy5) 1984 JP Sanyo PHC-28P (SP) 1984 ES
Sanyo MPC-6 (Wavy6) 1985 JP Sanyo PHC-28S 1984 FR
Sanyo MPC-10 (Wavy10) 1983 JP Sanyo PHC-30 1984 JP
Sanyo MPC-10mkII (Wavy10mkII) 1984 JP Sanyo PHC-30N 1984 JP
Sanyo MPC-11 (Wavy11) 1984 JP Sanyo PHC-30N (FR) 1985 FR
Sanyo MPC-64 1985 DE Sanyo PHC-30N (GE) 1985 Europe
Sanyo MPC-100 1985 Europe Sanyo PHC-33 1985 JP
Sanyo MPC-200 1985 ES
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2 Sanyo MPC-25F (Wavy25) 1985 JP Sanyo MPC-2500FD 1987 USSR
Sanyo MPC-25FD (Wavy25) 1985 JP Sanyo PCT-100 1986 JP
Sanyo MPC-25FK (Wavy25) 1986 JP Sanyo PHC-23 (Wavy23) 1986 JP
Sanyo MPC-25FS (Wavy25) 1985? JP Sanyo PHC-23J (Wavy23) 1987 JP
Sanyo MPC-27 (Wavy27) 1986 JP Sanyo PHC-55FD2 (Wavy55FD2) 1988 JP
Sanyo MPC-2300 1987 USSR Sanyo PHC-77 (Wavy77) 1987 JP
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2+ Sanyo PHC-35J (Wavy35) 1989 JP Sanyo PHC-70FD2 (Wavy70FD2) 1989 JP
Sanyo PHC-70FD (Wavy70FD) 1988 JP


Product Description
Sanyo KA-HJB-001 Joyball (manufactured by HAL Laboratory)
Sanyo KA-MS-10R Mouse + Cheese on cartridge (manufactured by Neos)
Sanyo KA-MS-10R2 Mouse + Cheese2 on cartridge (manufactured by Neos)
Sanyo MJY-01 Joystick
Sanyo MJY-002 Joystick
Sanyo MLP-001 Light Pen with Interface
Sanyo MLP-01 Light Pen with Interface
Sanyo MLP-10 Light Pen included with MPC-10
Sanyo Y4AA Light Pen included with MPC-11

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Sanyo KA-MAP-07 Unit Connector
Sanyo KA-MODEM-1 The LINKS modem
Sanyo KA-UC-X Adapter for MEB-01
Sanyo MEB-01 Slot Expander
Sanyo MPC-CAP1 Captain Unit
Sanyo MRS-001 RS-232C Interface

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Sanyo KA-M-1024X Dot Matrix printer
Sanyo MPT-C10 Thermal color printer
Sanyo MPT-T5 Thermal printer
Sanyo SMP-30 4 color plotter
Sanyo SWP-MR Ink cartridge for printer of PHC-77


Product Description
Sanyo DR-101 Data Recorder
Sanyo DR-201 Data Recorder
Sanyo DR-202A Data Recorder
Sanyo DR-303 Data Recorder
Sanyo MFD-001 5.25" 360kB FDD
Sanyo MFD-002 Second 5.25" 360kB FDD for MFD-001
Sanyo MFD-35 External 3.5" 360kB FDD with Interface
Sanyo MR-11DR Data Recorder
Sanyo MR-22DR Data Recorder
Sanyo MR-33DR Data Recorder
Sanyo MR-55DR Data Recorder
Sanyo MRP-16 16kB RAM expansion
Sanyo MRP-64 64kB RAM expansion
Sanyo PHC-128 128kB RAM expansion
Sanyo PHC-DR Data Recorder
Sanyo PHC-DRII Data Recorder
Sanyo SLIM 3G Data Recorder


Product Description
Sanyo CMT-145F 14" RGB color monitor
Sanyo CMT-A14F1 14" RGB color monitor
Sanyo CMT-A14F1G 14" RGB color monitor
Sanyo KA-MAP-06 Package with Kanji Word Processor Unit and KA-MAP-07
Sanyo KA-MPC-X Package to use the MPC-X on any MSX1 computer
Sanyo KA-MRS-01 NTSC RF Converter
Sanyo MOVIT2 KA-MV-9505 Robot (MSX-Wizard) manufactured by Elehobby
Sanyo MPC-X Graphic Expander Unit (WavyX)
Sanyo MRG-01 RGB21 cable (price: ¥6,000)
Sanyo MRG-02 8-pin to RGB21 cable (price: ¥3,500)
Sanyo MSI-01 Super Impose Encoder
Sanyo VSS-100 Voice Synthesizer
Sanyo VSS-300 Voice Synthesizer