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Sakhr (صخر) Computers is a Kuwaiti company that was selling MSX computers imported from Japan in all of the Arab countries. These MSX were localized by Al Alamiah (the parent company at that time) and re-branded for the Arabic market.




Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 Sakhr AH-200 1985 Middle East Sakhr AX-230 1986 Middle East
Sakhr AX-100 1985 Middle East Sakhr AX-330 1992 Middle East
Sakhr AX-150 1986 Middle East Sakhr AX-660 1992 Middle East
Sakhr AX-170 1986 Middle East Sakhr AX-990 1992 Middle East
Sakhr AX-200 1986 Middle East
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2 Sakhr AX-350 1987 Middle East Sakhr AX-370 1988 Middle East
Sakhr AX-350II 1987 Middle East Sakhr AX-500 1987 Middle East


Product Description
Sakhr GT-01A Graphic Tablet
Sakhr MU-01 Mouse
Sakhr SM-02 Mouse

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Sakhr AD-500 80 columns bidirectional printer
Sakhr AD-P1 80 columns printer
Sakhr AP-1 Dot matrix printer
Sakhr AP-120 Dot matrix printer
Sakhr AP-510 24 wire dot matrix printer
Sakhr AP-515 24 wire dot matrix printer


Product Description
Sakhr AFD-01 External 3.5" 360kB FDD with interface
Sakhr DM-6402 Data Recorder
Sakhr FD720 External 3.5" 720kB FDD as cartridge
Sakhr QDM-001 Quick Diskdrive (QD) with Interface
Sakhr QDM-002 Quick Diskdrive (QD) with Interface


Product Description
Sakhr 3010GLA-WP2 Monochrome monitor
Sakhr 8010-ME RGB/composite color monitor
Sakhr 8020-ME RGB/composite color monitor
Sakhr CM-314 Composite color monitor


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