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Overview of Mitsubishi Electric MSX products. Several computers released in Japan by this company were sold with a nickname (Letus for MSX1 and Melbrain's for MSX2).



Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 Mitsubishi ML-8000 1983 JP Mitsubishi ML-F120D (Letus) 1984 JP
Mitsubishi ML-F48 1984 Europe Mitsubishi ML-FX1 1986 ES
Mitsubishi ML-F80 1984 Europe Mitsubishi ML-FX2 1986 ES
Mitsubishi ML-F110 (Letus) 1984 JP Mitsubishi ML-TS1 1986 JP
Mitsubishi ML-F120 (Letus) 1984 JP
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2 Mitsubishi ML-G1 1986 ES Mitsubishi ML-G30 Model 2 (Melbrain's) 1986 JP
Mitsubishi ML-G3 1986 ES Mitsubishi ML-TS2 1987 JP
Mitsubishi ML-G10 (Melbrain's) 1985 JP Mitsubishi ML-TS100 1987 JP
Mitsubishi ML-G30 Model 1 (Melbrain's) 1985 JP Mitsubishi ML-TS100M2 1987 JP


Product Description
Mitsubishi ML-10KB Keypad for ML-8000
Mitsubishi ML-10MA Mouse
Mitsubishi ML-100MA Mouse
Mitsubishi ML-11MA Mouse
Mitsubishi ML-50JY Joystick

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Mitsubishi ML-20EB Slot expander
Mitsubishi ML-20RS RS-232C Cartridge
Mitsubishi ML-21RS RS-232C upgrade kit for ML-G30 Model 1
Mitsubishi ML-HS ML-TS2 to ML-TS2H upgrade kit
Mitsubishi PCT-1 Modem with telephone

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Mitsubishi ML-60PR Printer
Mitsubishi ML-65PCA Printer cable
Mitsubishi ML-70PR Thermal Printer


Product Description
Mitsubishi ML-10DR Data Recorder
Mitsubishi ML-16RAM 16kB RAM expansion for ML-F110
Mitsubishi ML-20DR Data Recorder
Mitsubishi ML-20RCA Data Recorder cable
Mitsubishi ML-30DC FDD interface for ML-30FD
Mitsubishi ML-30FD External 3.5" 720kB FDD
Mitsubishi ML-30FP(W) Second FDD for ML-G30 Model 1
Mitsubishi ML-45RGB RGB21 cable


Product Description
Mitsubishi ML-35AV Audio-Video interface for ML-G30 models
Mitsubishi ML-85AV Audio-Video interface for ML-G10
Mitsubishi ML-ROBO Little Robot controlled by MSX
Mitsubishi RM-501 Robot Arm (special cable required to make it MSX compatible)