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A MegaRAM cartridge contains RAM chip(s). The RAM is mapped as a MegaROM.

The purpose of MegaRAM cartridges was to be able to play copied MegaROM games on machines that would otherwise have insufficient memory to play them.

The disadvantage of a MegaRAM based solution over other FlashROM or battery backed up solutions, is that after every reboot the game has to be copied again to the MegaRAM device before it can be played. Also, a MegaRAM device does not help with games like Thexder that attempt to overwrite themselves as part of a copy protection technique.

Missing Megaram Cartridges in Wiki

  • CIEL MegaRAM 128k
  • CIEL MegaRAM 512k
  • CIEL MegaRAM 2MB