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Hitec Associates is a Japanese visual technology company who manufacturers high-end computer displays, founded in March 1968 as Hakui Electronic Corporation. It is still in activity as Eizo Corporation.

It initially manufactured televisions. In March 1973, it became Nanao Corporation. In 1976, it began manufacture of industrial monitors, and in 1981 started making PC monitors.

Hitec Associates Ltd was founded in 1984 as a sales subsidiary of Nanao specifically for the European market. In January 1990, Hitec Associates Ltd was renamed Eizo Corporation. In 1999, Nanao Corporation and Eizo Corporation merged to become Eizo Nanao Corporation, which in 2013 changed its name to simply Eizo Corporation.

During the MSX commercial years, this company manufactured some monitors for Arab countries, where they were released by Sakhr/Al Alamiah.

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