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Hitachi started with personal computers in Japan in 1978 with a system called the Basic Master, based on the Motorola 6800, followed in 1980 by the Hitachi MB-6809 (aka Peach) based on the Motorola 6809. In 1983 Hitachi came out with MSX computers and peripherals, but while they had MSX products in the market, they also introduced in 1984 the Hitachi MB-S1 series, based on newer Motorola 68000 processors.




Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 Hitachi MB-H1 1983 JP Hitachi MB-H25 1986 JP
Hitachi MB-H2 1984 JP Hitachi MB-H50 1986 JP
Hitachi MB-H21 1984 JP Hitachi MB-H80 unreleased Europe
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2 Hitachi MB-H3 1985 JP Hitachi MB-H70 1986 JP


Product Description
Hitachi MPN-7001H Graphic Tablet
Hitachi MPN-8001H Joystick
Hitachi MPN-8002H Joystick
Hitachi MPN-8003H Joystick
Hitachi MPN-8004H Joypad

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Hitachi MPP-1021H Thermal printer
Hitachi MPP-1022H Color thermal printer


Product Description
Hitachi MP-3510 3.5" blank disk
Hitachi MP-RA01H 16kB RAM Expansion
Hitachi MPC-310H FDD Controller for MPF-310H
Hitachi MPF-310H External 3.5" 720kB FDD
Hitachi TRQ-359 Data Recorder
Hitachi TRQ-1500 Data Recorder
Hitachi TRQ-2400 Data Recorder
Hitachi VIP-11 LaserDisc Player
Hitachi VIP-12 LaserDisc Player
Hitachi VIP-30C Compact Disc/LaserDisc Player
Hitachi VIP-31C Compact Disc/LaserDisc Player
Hitachi VIP-32C Compact Disc/LaserDisc Player


Product Description
Hitachi HD62003 Chipset for MSX1 computers
Hitachi HG61H06 Gate array


Product Description
Hitachi C14-B20 Monitor
Hitachi C14-B20VA Monitor
Hitachi C15-B31 15" monitor
Hitachi C15-B32 Monitor
Hitachi C15-S01 RGB color monitor
Hitachi MPS-602H RGB cable



Title Genre Computer Notes
Ehagaki You Word-Pro (Word
Processor for illustrated postcard)
aka Illustration Word Processor
Word Processor, Graphics 64kB MSX2 Sold with MB-H3 computer
Kanji-ROM Tool (JIS1) MSX1 See Hitachi MPC-KA1
MB-H1 Firmware Monitor, Sketch, Music 32kB MSX1 Built-in in ML-H1 computer
MB-H2 Firmware Sketch, Music, Tape Utility, Monitor 64kB MSX1 Built-in in ML-H2 computer
MB-H3 Firmware Sketch, Drawing Tablet, Clock, Calculator 64kB MSX2 Built-in in ML-H3 computer
MB-H21 Firmware Sketch, Sound, Roulette, Monitor 32kB MSX1 Built-in in ML-H21 computer